Borrowed Landscape 2019
Commissioned for Create NSW and Transport for New South Wales, Newcastle

Borrowed Landscape utilises excavated heritage materials and surplus elements resulting from Newcaslte’s heavy rail decommissioning and subsequent light rail construction. The work “borrows” these materials and reconfigures them in a form which considers their past usage and that of their natural origin.  Borrowed Landscape also hosts various plant species native to the Newcastle region which would typically exist with the sandstone blocks in their pre-quarried environment.  
sandstone, brick, mortar, steel
species list:
Ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson fig)
Ficus coronata  (sandpaper fig)
Pyrrosia rupestris (rock felt fern)
Dendrobium speciosum (Sydney rock orchid)
Dockrillia striolata (streaked rock orchid)
Hoya australis (common wax flower)
Hoya pottsii
dimensions variable
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